South Tirolian Farmer’s Bread

The South Tirolian Farmer’s bread came about more or less by accident. The shaped dough was supposed to have a long cold proof after the bulk rise. For reasons of time, I was not able to stick to these steps, and so the dough ended up going into the fridge directly after rising in the tub.  

After a 36-hour rise time at 4°C, I was set on using the dough only as a pre-dough. But I was astonished when I tipped the tub onto my work surface!

The dough was extremely stable, had a light sour note and, as chance would have it, the oven was free. Without thinking twice, I reached for my dough scraper, divided the dough into equally sized pieces and teased them into round loaves. These were then placed seamside-down directly onto a baking peel. In order to prevent a wild rise in the oven, the pieces were scored a few times before baking.

With its simple instructions, this recipe will quickly find its way onto many readers’ bake-again list.


Foundation sour:

  • 100g whole grain rye flour
  •   60g water (24°C)
  •     5g starter

Mix the ingredients together thoroughly and then let mature at room temperature for 15-24 hours. 

Main dough:

  • 165g mature foundation sour
  • 300g rye flour type 960
  • 600g wheat flour type 700
  • 560g water (10°C)
  •   19g salt
  •      3g yeast


  • Mix all ingredients slowly for 5-6 minutes and then knead quickly for 7-8 minutes (continue kneading until the dough completely and cleanly pulls away from the side of the mixing bowl.)
  • Place the dough in an oiled tub and let it sit for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes are up, fold the dough one time. 
  • Then place the dough in the fridge and let it rise for 24-36 hours at 4°C. 
  • In preparation for shaping the dough, take it out of the fridge and let it acclimatize at room temperature for 30 minutes. 
  • To shape the dough, tip it out of the tub, divide it as desired, and carefully form it into a round loaf. 
  • Set it on baking paper, seam-side down, for its final proof.
  • Once it has proofed 3/4, cut the dough pieces as desired and place in the oven at 250°C with strong steam. 
  • After 5 minutes, reduce oven temperature to 210°C and bake until well browned. Baking time is around 40 minutes for 800g of dough inserted into the oven.