Mr. Nice Guy (Pfundskerl)

This Mr. Nice Guy bread is a mixed spelt bread with the recipe combining 80% spelt flour and 20% rye flour. The large size of the loaf gives it a strong, well baked crust and the aromatic crumb makes it ideal for all imaginable spreads and toppings. 

The main dough contains 3 pre-doughs:

  • Spelt pre-dough
  • Rye sourdough
  • Soaker

Spelt pre-dough:

I used to like to ripen pre-doughs overnight in the refrigerator, but with this method only a little flavor developed. Today I prepare my pre-dough with 4°C cold water and let it mature overnight at room temperature after mixing. The result is an aromatic pre-dough with a stunning flavor. This variant is particularly suitable if the pre-dough is processed after just 12 hours.

If the pre-dough is going to be used first after 18 hours, I recommend that the pre-dough is parked in the refrigerator after 10-12 hours. This way the pre-dough will stabilize and can be stored with way for up to 48 hours (provided that the pre-dough hasn’t collapsed before the cold storage- OVER RIPE!!).

Rye sourdough: 

Half of the rye flour content for this recipe is mixed into a sourdough. I have also recently made some adjustments here. The most important of which is the hydration (TA)! I have raised it several times in the last few weeks (currently I’m in the bakery with an ending hydration (TA) of 240). On the one hand, I increased the hydration due to the high water absorption – this made the sourdough much more active and resulted in a more buoyant crumb structure.

The shelf life of mixed rye breads is also improved from the adjustments. The additional adjustments I have made the multi-stage sourdoughs I will describe in the next entries. 


The rest of the rye flour (wholegrain) for the recipe is mixed into a soaker. In summary, one can say here: the colder the water, the less it will be absorbed. Therefore always use a water temperature of 20-30°C. Storage of 5-6 hours at room temperature is possible – if stored for a longer period, the soaker should be stored in the refrigerator.


Spelt pre-dough:

  • 300g Spelt flour 630
  • 250g Water 4°C
  •      5g Honey
  •  0,5g Yeast

Stir together the ingredients until lump-free and let it mature for 10-12 hours at room temperature.


  • 100g Wholegrain rye meal, fine
  • 100g Water 20-30°C

Stir together the ingredients and store in the refrigerator until ready to use.

Rye sourdough:

  • 100g Rye flour Type 960
  • 125g Water 30-40°C
  •   10g Starter (10%)

With a 10% addition of starter the sourdough has a maturity time of about 10-12 hours. If the maturity time is drawn out to 18-24 hours, the starter amount is reduced to 3g (3%). 

Main dough:

  • 556g Mature spelt pre-dough
  • 200g Soaker
  • 225g Mature rye sourdough
  • 500g Spelt flour 630
  • 250g Water (+ 50g if needed)
  •   22g Salt
  •   10g Psyllium seed husk
  •     5g Yeast


  • Mix all ingredients slowly for 8 minutes and knead quickly for 1-2 minutes.
  • After mixing the dough let it mature for 30 minutes in a lightly oiled dough tub. Then fold and once again let it rest/relax for 30 minutes. 
  • The work up of the dough is very easy, since the dough is only folded together in one piece and then placed in a proofing basket with the seam-side up. 
  • The final proof is done at room temperature (if you would like you can proof the dough in the refrigerator. On account of the large amount of dough, the yeast content should be halved otherwise it will overproof). 
  • Before baking, the dough is turned out onto a baking peel and is scored as desired with a knife. 
  • The bread is baked at 250°C with strong steam.
  • Reduce the oven temperature to 200°C after 15 minutes and bake until well browned (total baking time of about 70 minutes).