Pain de Campagne

Another bread from our journey through France is the Pain de Campagne. This bread is well-loved in France and is developing an adoration through all of Europe and the USA. 

Traditionally the bread is produced with wheat sourdough and risen in linen cloth or proofing baskets at about 6-8°C for many hours. 

Years ago, it was common to see large round loaves (“Miche”) that would feed a family over many days. But throughout time they have morphed into 300-400g Bântards.

Since this bread is made with a mix of T65 and T80, it takes on a yellowish color in the crumb. The crumb is airy, loose, large pored, and on account of the TA, very soft and elastic. 

The biggest challenge with this bread is getting the right rise time. Because if the bread is over proofed the slices don’t achieve the desired aesthetic. 


for 3 Bântards each / 440g

Wheat Sourdough:

  • 5g Starter
  • 70g T80
  • 70g Water

Stir until lump-free and let ripen for 12-15 hours

Main dough:

  • 500g T65
  • 170g T80
  • 500g Water

Knead for 2 min. then cover and let stand to Autolyse for 30 minutes. 

  • 140g Wheat sourdough
  • 15g Sea salt
  • 3g Yeast

Knead slowly for 6 min. and mix fast for 2 min.

Subsequently, cover and let it rise for 3 hours while folding every hour. 

After the rest phase, divide into three equal-sized pieces and CAREFULLY form into rounds then let rest for a further 20 minutes. 

The dough rounds should now be formed into oblong Bântards with the seam side up either in flour-dusted linen cloth or a proofing basket and placed in the refrigerator at 6-8°C for 12-15 hours. 

The Bântards should be placed with the seam-side down on a floured bread peel and using a razorblade score lengthwise twice. 

Now bake at 250°C with steam reducing to 220°C/ Bake for 35 minutes until well browned.