Topfen Bread

Right at the start of spring I have come up with a moist topfen bread. With this bread you can really let it all out again. The day before, the Pate Fêrmentêe, sourdough, and soaker are prepared.

In retrospect, it occurred to me that you could make other breads from this dough. Make a strand of dough out of the rest of the dough and divide it into equal-sized pieces with a spatula. Roll the pieces roughly (see Video) and place with the seam side down to proof. 

Before baking spritz with water and sprinkle with coarse salt. 

…and now for the dough. 

Everything from the pantry goes into the soaker, e.g. : Sunflower, oat flakes, sesame, flaxseed, soy and various coarse meal. The ratio of water and seeds 1: 1.

Instead of bread spices, fresh herbs were used. Parsley and chives were my two herbs that were trimmed and cut. If you have bread clover as a spice, you can also add it, but be careful, because the taste is very intense.


for 2,34 kg dough  3 pieces / approx. 800g

Seed Soaker:

  • 90g Seeds (Flax, Sesame, and Soy)
  • 90g Water 45°C
  • 16g Salt


  •   10g Starter
  • 200g Rye Flour / 960
  • 160g Water

Standing time of 18 hours at  30°C

Pate Fêrmentêe:

  • 300g Water
  • 450g Wheat Flour/700
  •    10g Yeast
  •    10g Salt

Instructions see here!


  • 200g Soaker
  • 375g mature Sauerteig
  • 770g Pâte Fermentêe
  • 400g Wheat flour /700 (can also use Type 1600)
  • 180g  Rye Flour
  • 200g Cottage Cheese
  • 200g Water
  •    10g Yeast
  •        + Herbs of choice

The dough is mixed for 8 minutes on slow and then 2-3 minutes on fast. Only mix on fast speed until the dough begins to separate from the side of the bowl. 

After kneading the dough rises for 40 minutes in a tub (fold 1x after 20 minutes).

Weigh out, loosely shape, and form into striezel. Place in proofing baskets with the seam-side up. (You can also elect to make round loaves).

Once 3/4 proofed, turn out and score with a sharp knife, then bake with steam at 250°C.

After about 5 minutes reduce the oven to 200°C and bake until well browned.