Wholegrain Toast

In the whole grain aisle, the toast should not be missing, but not just one to carry a spread! The first attempts to make a toast bread out of pure wholegrains were not exactly great. The treat came with a combination of a seed soaker and water roux, this also had the benefit of increasing the nutritional value at the same time.


Total Recipe

500gWholegrain wheat flour50%
300gWholegrain spelt flour30%
100gWheat flour Type 700/55010%
70gWholegrain rye flour7%
30gRye flour Type 960/9973%
70gToasted sunflower seeds7%
70gToasted sesame seeds7%
70gFlax seeds7%


70gWholegrain rye flour
100gWater 45°C

Dissolve the starter in water and mix in the flour until lump-free. Then allow to mature for 8-12 hours at room temperature.


210gWater 45°C
70gToasted sunflower seeds
70gToasted sesame seeds
70gFlax seeds

Mix together then cover and let soak at room temperature for 10-12 hours.

Water Roux

30gRye flour Type 960/997
120gWater 20°C

Dissolve the flour in the water and then heat to approx. 85-90°C. After heating, cover and store in the refrigerator.

Main Dough

185gMature wholegrain rye sourdough
150gWater roux
500gWholegrain wheat flour
300gWholegrain spelt flour
100gWheat flour Type 700/550
(hold back some of the water!!)


  • Place all ingredients (hold back 20% of the water) in the mixer and mix on slow for 6 minutes. Only at the end of the initial mixing phase is the additional water added to correct the firmness.
  • Then knead on fast speed until the dough has completely released from the side of the bowl (about 6-7 minutes). Due to the high hydration the dough can be shiny on the surface, this should not be confused with an under mixing!
  • Then put it in a dough tub and fold one time after 40 minutes.
  • After folding let the dough mature for another 60 minutes.
  • To work up, divide the dough, form and place in an oiled toast pan. The dough fill should be adjusted to the selected pan. This should be about 10-15% higher with wholegrain breads- whole grain flours lead to a lower volume!
  • The set aside to proof- approx. 50-60 minutes at room temperature.
  • The toast is baked at 255°C reduced to 235°C
  • Bake time about 40-45 minutes