The Wachau Bun is a type of roll that was invented by the Schmidl Bakery in Dürnstein. The main ingredients are wheat and rye flours wherein a portion of the rye flour is used in the sourdough. The original recipe doesn’t call for spices. 

The Wachau buns are shaped by hand by rolling them in a circular fashion on a piece of linen cloth. This creates a cracked surface after the bake. The crusty surface on the bun ensures a full flavor. 



  •   5g Starter
  • 75g Rye Flour Type/960
  • 75g Water

Stir together until lump-free and leave covered in a warm spot for 12 hours. 

Main dough:

  •   155g mature sourdough
  •   350g Wheat Flour Type / 700
  •     75g Rye Flour Type / 960
  •     12g Sea Salt
  •     15g Liquid Malt
  •       5g Yeast
  •   250g Water

Knead all ingredients to a smooth dough (be careful: the dough tends to over-knead very quickly due to its rye content!)

After kneading, cover the dough and let rest for 30 minutes. 

After resting the dough is divided into 10 equal-size pieces and allowed to rest for another 20 minutes. 

After resting, the divided dough is drug over a linen cloth in a circular motion to make the Wachau buns. 

The formed side is dipped in some rye flour and then with the seam side down placed in a linen cloth to rise. 

Cover with plastic wrap and let rise. Once 2/3 risen the Wachau Buns are turned over to finish rising. 

As usual, place in the oven with steam and bake until crusty.