Bread Errors in Rolls and Small Baked Goods- Part 2

Examining bread errors reveals the many and various ways that mistakes manifest themselves in baked goods. Most flawed baked goods don’t just have one single error; instead, they show multiple shortcomings. A baked good’s flaws are usually connected to each… weiterlesen

  • 18.07.2016

Bread Errors Part 1 (Mixed Flour- and Rye Breads)

Causes of Bread Errors and Ways to Avoid Them  To achieve flawless baked goods, you must stick precisely to the recipe and the conditions for working the dough. Measuring and weighing is essential. “AVOIDING ERRORS IS EASIER THAN FIXING THEM”… weiterlesen

  • 25.02.2016

Par-Baked Baguettes

With the par-baking method, the baking process is interrupted halfway through the baking time. The best quality is achieved with a pre-baking time of 50%. If the pre-baking time is less than 50% of the total baking time, the crumb… weiterlesen

Pane alle noci

With this recipe, the addition of walnuts, chestnut puree and candied fruits creates a perfect bread for the upcoming autumn days. The recipe can be varied in many ways and provides an ideal basis for different flavors. A slower dough… weiterlesen

Soakers and Soaking

Soakers, scalds, and pre-cooked additions serve to improve the water absorption of the dough and thus, improve the shelf-life of the bread. In practice, soaking is most often used, which in my opinion does not always lead to the best… weiterlesen

  • 09.05.2015

Lebkuchen Dough (Gingerbread)

Lebkuchen, also known as Lebzelten, Pfefferkuchen, Gewürzkuchen or Honigkuchen, is a sweet, strongly spiced, pastry with a long shelf-life that is found in many shapes and variations. In many cultures it is an integral part of Christmas baking, though only… weiterlesen


Who baked the first stollen is still unknown, but researchers agree that the first stollen were pulled out of the oven in Saxony around 1300. It could also be that maybe monks baked the first Christmas Stollen in monasteries. They… weiterlesen

  • 06.11.2014

Rye Flour Poolish

In addition to the conventional wheat poolish, there is the rye poolish which is an alternative to use in specialty breads. The production process is identical, only the amount of water used is doubled. Baking with this method achieves quality… weiterlesen

  • 13.09.2014