Spelt Brioche with Cranberries

I love Brioche, and a recipe for one using spelt is a winner in my book! With brioche I use a yeast pre-dough that brings more stability to the main dough. 

Because of the ingredients like butter, milk, and egg yolks I did without a scald. To keep the contours of the braid I keep the tough a bit stiffer. 

For the sweetener I used honey which I prefer to using sugar. By soaking the cranberries in the amaretto liqueur, the fruit becomes soft and juicy and makes this spelt brioche into a special treat. 



  • 70g Spelt Flour Type 630
  • 70g Milk
  •   2g Yeast

Mix the ingredients into a dough and place in a warm place to rise for 5-6 hours. Use the dough shortly before it collapses!


  • 130g Cranberries
  •   40g Amaretto liqueur (Cherry liquer, Rum,…)

Fruit should be mixed at least a day ahead- use them only when they are soft and have taken on a full flavor! If you use macerated fruit often, you can keep them on hand. Raises should always be washed before using. 

Main Dough:

  • 600g Spelt Flour Type 630
  •  142g mature pre-dough – Sponge
  • 300g Milk
  • 120g Honey
  • 100g Butter
  •   40g Egg yolks (2 )
  •   20g Yeast
  •   14g Salt
  • 170g macerated fruit

Knead all of the ingredients to a smooth dough (Careful! Don’t over knead!). 

The macerated cranberries should be added at the end of the mixing. Fold the dough once after 30 minutes, and let rise another 30 minutes. 

Now weigh out 32 dough pieces weighing 45g and roll them somewhat round. After a short resting phase the braids and buttons can be made – see here!

To achieve a golden brown bake the buttons and braids are brushed lightly with beaten egg after forming. Once ¾ proofed the dough is once more brushed with egg and can be coated with sliced almonds or sugar crystals. 

The brioche is baked at 200°C for about 10-12 minutes. My Tip: Don’t coat the brioche with anything! After baking, let them cool down a bit and lightly brush with melted butter, toss in granulated sugar and you’ll be addicted (don’t put too much butter, otherwise too much sugar will stick).