Springtime Bread

Here’s a savory, moist spelt bread that’s just in time for spring. The dough is made from a rye sourdough and a spiced poolish. The spices in the poolish can be changed according to preference. In keeping with the season,… weiterlesen

Sunflower Bread with Chia Seeds

This small, hearty bread is just right for a changeup at snack time. By using a soaker made from chia seeds, flax seeds, roasted sunflower seeds and spelt flakes, the bread crumb becomes extremely moist and stays fresh for a… weiterlesen

Wholegrain Spelt Baguettes

Whole Grain Spelt Baguettes are easy to make, even for beginners. The main dough consists of a poolish (for the taste) and a water-roux (for shelf life). The recipe’s only challenging part is ensuring you add the exact amount of… weiterlesen

Rustic Spelt Rolls

If I had a list of my favorite recipes, this one would be right at the top! This spelt roll is a showstopper in the bread roll department, and it’s easy for every beginner to bake. They taste best well-browned… weiterlesen

Spelt Cloud

Since the demand for spelt recipes on the blog has increased, I decided to bake some spelt recipes for you. The spelt series starts with a wonderfully moist, compact spelt bread with a great flavor and a very long shelf… weiterlesen

Wheat Crust

Not a crumb will be left over from this small hearty bread, as it’s the perfect loaf for the breakfast buffet. The recipe is divided timewise so that all the predough must be made in the morning if you want… weiterlesen

  • 25.01.2018

Sandwich Loaf

The sandwich rolls are a true classic among white breads. The dough can be kneaded quickly and without any problems and only needs a little time to proof and bake after it has been worked up. The result is impressive… weiterlesen

New Year’s Lucky Charms

“Lucky Pigs” (“Glücksschweinderl”) What would New Year’s be without lucky charms? Lucky mushrooms are given away in large numbers on New Year’s Eve with good wishes for the New Year. This year I will show you a lovingly homemade lucky… weiterlesen

  • 27.12.2017

Topfen Cherry Buns

23rd day of Advent Ingredients for the crust: 250g Wheat flour200g Warm milk (35°C)   20g Yeast Mix the ingredients and let it rise for 60 minutes.  Ingredients for the main dough: 470g Mature pre-dough200g Soft butter 250g Wheat flour 200g Whole eggs… weiterlesen


21st day of Advent Ingredients – Predough: 400g wheat flour type 700300g milk 35°C  40g yeast      + a pinch of sugar Mix ingredients and let rise 60 minutes. Ingredients – Main Dough: 740g mature predough600g wheat flour type 700100g milk120g soft… weiterlesen

Max and Moritz

20th day of Advent Ingredients for the brioche dough: 500g wheat flour200g milk100g butter   50g egg (1)   20g yolk (1)   60g brown sugar    15g yeast      5g salt         + lemon and orange zest Production: Warm the milk to 30-35°C, mix it with the yeast and half… weiterlesen

French Meringue

18th day of Advent Ingredients:  300g egg whites300g fine granulated sugar 150g powdered sugar   10g wheat starch        + dark chocolate to decorate (e.g. Robe Noire) Instructions: Sieve the powdered sugar and the wheat starch.Beat the egg whites and half the granulated… weiterlesen