Unger’s Hofsaaten

This recipe was created in collaboration with my friends Michael Unger from “Unger Weine” and Manfred Schellin from “Bongu”. The aim was to create a bread recipe for beginners with a tender crumb and a crispy crust!

But how can you bake bread with the least amount of effort as a beginner (and with a guarantee of success)? The best ingredients, easy processing and slow dough maturity lead to success!

The combination of T65 and soaked seeds produced bread with distinctive flavors. Thanks to the roasted seeds (which can be adjusted as needed), a nutty taste develops in the airy and tender crumb. In combination with the well-baked crust, you get a delicious everyday bread – a sure-fire bread for every occasion.


Total Recipe

600gfrench T65100%
200gSoaked Seeds33%

Seed Soaker

40gFlax Seed
40gPumpkin Seed
80gSunflower Seeds
180gWater 70-80°C

Mix the seeds with hot water and let soak for 3-4 hours.

Flavor Tip: Roast the seeds in the oven at 230°C until golden brown- this increases the flavor in the crumb.

Main Dough

600gWheat Flour T65
380gSoaked Seeds
350gWater 5°C


  • Mix the wheat flour T65, soaked seeds and water with each other and then cover and let hydrate (autolyse) for 30-45 minutes.
  • Then add the salt and yeast and mix on slow speed for 7 minutes. After that, knead just until the dough releases from the side of the bowl- approx. 4-6 minutes.
  • After this, place the dough in an oiled bowl and fold after 30 and 60 minutes. – see Video
  • After the last folds, cover the dough and let is rise for another 90 minutes.
  • To work up the dough, turn it out onto a floured work surface, divide into two equal sized pieces and as seen in this Video , fold together.
  • With the seam-side down, place in a floured proofing basket.
  • Then put the formed dough into the refrigerator.
  • Final proof, approx. 12-15 hours
  • To bake, preheat the oven to 250°C
  • Turn out the dough from the proofing baskets and slide into the oven with strong steam.
  • After a preliminary baking time of 5 minutes, reduce the oven temperature to 210°C.
  • Total bake time, approx. 35 minutes.