Basel Bread

This is one of the best-loved breads in Switzerland and also one of very few Swiss breads that is shared across the different languages. It’s characterized by a strong, well-baked dark crust and a soft, irregular crumb.



  • 75g Ruch flour
  • 60g water 32-35°C
  • 22g starter

RT: 6-7 hours DT: 26-28°C  TA: 180

Main dough:

  • 500g Ruch flour
  • 400g water

Briefly mix the flour and the water, then cover and let stand for 30 minutes. 

  • 157g mature sourdough
  •   12g salt
  • 2g yeast

Slowly mix ingredients until the dough begins to fall away from the side of the mixing bowl. 

  • 40g water

Add the water and knead until entirely incorporated into the dough. 

DT: 25-27°C     

TA: 187     

MT: 8-10 minutes slowly / 4-7 minutes quickly


  • After kneading the dough, place it into an oiled tub. 
  • Fold after 40, 80 and 120 minutes. 
  • After the dough has risen for a total of 150 minutes, divide it into two pieces of equal size and loosely shape into round loaves, either by folding or rolling. Place the loaves seamside-down next to each other on a floured piece of parchment paper and dust the tops of the loaves with rye flour.
  • Once fully proofed (50-60 minutes), place into an oven with steam at 255°C. After 10 minutes, lower the temperature to 210°C and bake until well-browned (do NOT release the steam!).
  • (Remove the parchment paper from the oven after 20 minutes).
  • Total baking time c. 45-55 minutes.