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Pain Maison

For baking newbies, the Pain Maison is a quick and easy everyday bread. With just a little bit of handwork, you get a bread that effortlessly fits into any daily schedule.  After the dough is made, it rises through a… weiterlesen

Mixed Wheat Bread

Sometimes the simplest recipes have the greatest potential for everyday bread. The strong rye sourdough and the portion of whole wheat give the bread a light tangy taste. The softened and roasted old bread gives the loaf more flavor and… weiterlesen

Epi Baguette

With little effort and a bit of skill, you’ll be pulling this baguette variation out of the oven in no time! The recipe calls for flour, water, salt and yeast to be mixed into a smooth dough. This then rises… weiterlesen


With these summer temperatures nobody really wants to be in the kitchen and so the recipe fits perfectly for this time. Biga is used as a pre-dough and it can mature either for 12 hours at room temperature or for… weiterlesen

Rye Toast

This toast bread is one of the many recipes that I was missing in my blog! The recipe varies from classic toast bread in how you make the pre-dough. Both a rye sourdough and a poolish made of rye and… weiterlesen

Swabian Country Bread

A light everyday bread has been on my baking list for quite some time now, and this Swabian Land Bread fits the bill! I chose the recipe so that there is flexibility in making the predough. The poolish and sourdough… weiterlesen

East German Style Scald Bread

Not too long ago I discovered an old recipe that quickly grabbed my attention! The unusual thing about it was that it called for making a main dough without any added liquid. Instead, the recipe called for all liquid to… weiterlesen

Linzeraugen (Linzer Biscuits)

7th day of Advent Butter shortcrust: 300g Wheat flour Type 480200g Soft butter   90g Powdered sugar   10g Vanilla sugar   20g Egg yolk (1)        + a pinch of salt120g Jam for filling Production: Knead all of the ingredients into a dough. Careful:Alle Zutaten zu… weiterlesen

Linzer Crescent Cookies

6th day of Advent Ingredients for spritz cookies: 280g Wheat flour Type 480220g Soft butter  90g Powdered sugar   15g Wheat starch   50g Whole egg (1)   40g Yolk (2)        + orange zest/lemon zest        + A pinch of salt 120g Jam120g Robe Noire – Chocolate to… weiterlesen

Poppy Seed Cake

5th day of Advent Ingredients: 200g butter   60g powdered sugar   13g vanilla sugar     2g salt       + lemon zest from half a lemon160g egg yolks (8) 240g egg whites (8)160g granulated sugar250g ground grey poppy seed 160g almond meal Instructions: Mix butter with powdered sugar,… weiterlesen

Vanilla Crescent Cookies (Vanillekipferl)

The 4th day of advent Ingredients: 300g wheat flour type 480200g butter100g powdered sugar100g almond meal2 egg yolks       1 pack of vanilla sugar (c. 8g)       the pulp from one vanilla pod (can replace with vanilla extract)          A pinch of salt Instructions: Mix… weiterlesen

  • 04.12.2017

Spelt Gingerbread Muffins

ADVENT CALENDAR For a long time I have been plagued by the idea of baking an Advent calendar for the blog, but this project repeatedly failed due to lack of time. In order to finally make this dream come… weiterlesen