Very simple

Wine Flatbreads

There are wine flatbreads or crispbread on every supermarket shelf and there are no limits to the flavors. How much and which spices you use is up to you, but as always, the following rule applies: less is more! Before… weiterlesen

Fried Mice

Fried mice are hand-sized and deep-fried pastries. They are very easy to make since the dough does not have to be shaped after kneading. The sweet yeast dough is folded once after kneading and then it matures in an oiled… weiterlesen

Chocolate Cakes

The simplest chocolate cake batter consists of the following ingredients: butter, eggs, sugar, flour and couverture. In order to better incorporate these ingredients into the recipe, I have put some points together for you: Flour: Ideally, unbleached wheat flour type… weiterlesen

Streusel Cake

A very easy and quick option in the pastry kitchen is a cake with fruit. For the production, a sweet yeasted dough is prepared. After a short rise, this is rolled out and placed in a baking form. This is… weiterlesen

Carrot Cake

“Bake me a cake as fast as you can…” Whoever wants to bake well has to have some know-how when it comes to measurements, creams and glazes. Baking offers double the fun, because it rewards the baker with sweet and… weiterlesen


Because of their easy production, Eggerländer are a well loved pastry. To make them, the dough is rolled out into rounds and topped with various fillings. Eggerländer that are made with various fruit toppings are especially popular. Topped with apricot,… weiterlesen

Poppy Seed Crescents

These crescents are a brioche dough pastry. After dividing the dough, the round balls are rolled out into flat oval shapes, which are then filled with a cooked poppy seed mixture. The poppy seed filling should be made the day… weiterlesen

Poppy Seed “Flesserl”

A “Flesserl“ is a typical Upper Austrian braided roll. After shaping it is coated with poppy seeds and coarse salt. Though the Viennese also make Flesserl, they are often only coated with poppy seeds and are much more commonly called… weiterlesen

Fried Elderflower Blossoms (Hollerkrapfen)

Fried elderflower blossoms are perfect to serve as a fine dessert. For this purpose, freshly bloomed elderberry clusters are used, which are dipped in a batter after washing and then fried in hot lard (deep-fried). After frying, drain briefly and… weiterlesen

Breakfast Rolls

A delectable bread roll, not too big, but with outstanding freshness and flavor – for many late risers, it’s number one on the breakfast table. Proofing the dough in the fridge at 4°C over multiple hours makes this possible.  The… weiterlesen

Sugar Snails (Zuckerschnecken)

Since I have neglected making pastries, I will alternately publish a pastry in the middle of the week for the next few weeks. Different variations of brioche, fried bread and Danish pastries will sweeten the coming weekends. The brioche will… weiterlesen

Wheat Sourdough Meets No-Knead

This No-Knead bread has a moist yet firm crumb and a light sour note thanks to the addition of wheat sourdough. To get the dough to rise quicker, the recipe also includes a little yeast. Since there is nothing to… weiterlesen

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