Pane Gusto

After a short summer break, it is time to bake again and the “Pane Gusto” begins. This bread came about by chance, because the recipe consists exclusively of pre-doughs that come from daily production in the bakery.

The proportion of pre-dough in the recipe is almost exaggerated, but if used correctly you can still conjure up a great bread with an open crumb and a strong crust out of the oven.



  • 100g Wheat flour Type 700 or 550
  • 100g Cold water
  •  0,5g Yeast

Dissolve the yeast in water and then mix with the flour until combined. Then allow it to mature at room temperature for 12 hours. 

Wheat sourdough 1 (Hydration (TA) 160):

  • 100g Semolina
  •   60g Water
  •    10g Starter

DT: 26-28°C       Maturity time: 10-12 hours

Mix together all the ingredients until combined and allow it to mature at room temperature for 10-12 hours. 

Wheat sourdough 2 (Hydration (TA) 200):

  • 90g Wheat flour Type 700 or 550
  • 90g Water
  •   9g Starter

DT: 26-28    Maturity time: 10 -12 hours

Mix together all the ingredients until combined and allow it to mature at room temperature for 10-12 hours.

Main dough:

  • 200g Mature poolish
  • 170g Mature wheat sourdough TA 160
  • 189g Mature wheat sourdough TA 200
  • 220g Wheat flour Type 700 or 550
  • 220g Semolina flour
  • 230g Cold water

Mix everything together and let it autolyze for 45 minutes. 

After the autolysis, mix the dough slowly until it releases from the side of the mixing bowl. After it has released: 

  • 18g Salt
  • 50g additional water

Now knead the dough quickly until the water has been completely absorbed. 

Guidelines: Mix -and kneading time: 10 minutes slowly and about 5 minutes fast


  • After kneading, put the dough in an oiled tub and fold it after 45 and 90 minutes. Then let it mature for 150-180 minutes. 
  • After the adhered to maturity schedule, divide the dough into two equal-sized pieces and fold all four sides into the middle with some tension. Place on a floured work surface with the seam side down, cover and let it relax for another 20-30 minutes. 
  • To shape the dough, fold two of the sides together and then roll it up with some tension. Place in a floured proofing basket with the seam-side down and put it in the refrigerator at 6°C to proof. 
  • Duration of the cold proof: 12 hours! If the duration of the cold proof is to be extended to 18-20 hours, the poolish amount should be reduced by 50%!
  • The breads are baked in a preheated oven at 250°C with strong steam. Reduce the oven temperature to 230°C after 5 minutes and bake until well browned. Total baking time of about 35 minutes.