The Wachau Bun is a type of roll that was invented by the Schmidl Bakery in Dürnstein. The main ingredients are wheat and rye flours wherein a portion of the rye flour is used in the sourdough. The original recipe… weiterlesen

Tourte de Meule

This summer was especially nice for me since I got to spend a week in France baking with Schelli. I was amazed by the tastes, not to mention the differences in the sourdough and mixed-dough breads. In addition to the… weiterlesen

Baguettes with Wheat Sourdough

For this recipe selection a portion of the flour is added in the form of sourdough. The baguettes look awesome from the enormous oven spring.  Taste-wise they lag behind the ones with a long and cool proof. For my next… weiterlesen

Pain de Campagne

Another bread from our journey through France is the Pain de Campagne. This bread is well-loved in France and is developing an adoration through all of Europe and the USA.  Traditionally the bread is produced with wheat sourdough and risen… weiterlesen

Baguette with Long Rise

For the beginners that would like to try making baguettes but have not yet found a trusted recipe, I can recommend this one.  For the baguette, the flour and water are mixed up and left to autolyze for 30 minutes. weiterlesen

Basic Equipment

To have success in bread and baked goods, the right equipment and techniques come before all else- without a mixing bowl, kneading machine, scale, and oven, nothing will work. A basic kit with the most important utensils is an absolute… weiterlesen

  • 30.12.2013

Dough Production

For wheat dough, the target dough temperature is approx. 24°C. Cool and soft dough is the basis for optimal baking quality. The principle of tension and relaxation still applies to wheat dough. This means that after kneading (tension) there must… weiterlesen

  • 30.12.2013


Sourdough is the oldest and most common way to leaven and flavor bread. It is prepared by mixing some rye flour and water as a pre-dough and can either be spontaneously fermented or by the addition of a starter.  The… weiterlesen

  • 29.12.2013


Pre-dough is a dough process in which a portion of flour, yeast, and water is mixed before the preparation of the main dough. Wheat breads and baked goods were made with a direct dough process. However, it was found that… weiterlesen

  • 16.12.2013