Almond Nut Corners

11th day of Advent For the almond nut corners, a Linzer dough (recipe here) must be rolled out 4mm thick and placed on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. This dough is baked for 8-9 minutes at… weiterlesen

Punch Ducats

10th day of Advent Ingredients:  300g Wheat flour200g Soft butter100g Powdered sugar100g Ground almonds      + Vanilla sugar      + Pinch of salt Knead all ingredients into a smooth dough, wrap in foil and allow to rest for a few hours. Then … weiterlesen

  • 10.12.2017


9th day of Advent Ingredients: 500g Wheat flour400g Honey100g Powdered sugar  50g Dextrose  10g Vanilla sugar  10g Lebuchen spice  10g Cinnamon    3g Salt  40g Cherry schnapps  13g Ammonium200g Toasted and chopped hazelnuts, 2-4mm200g Candied orange peel  50g Candied lemon peel150g Robe-Noire (Chocolate to dip) Production:… weiterlesen


2nd day of Advent Ingredients: 130g Brown sugar100g Candied orange  50g Butter  50g Honey  40g Cream  10g Vanilla sugar500g Shelled, roasted  hazelnuts or almonds150g Chocolate  Production: Heat the Brown sugar, butter, honey, cream, and vanilla sugar.Add the nuts and candied… weiterlesen

Primal Loaf

This primal load is a wonderfully moist mixed-flour bread with a long-lasting crust. The bread tastes pleasantly mild, stays fresh for a long time and is also easy to make. Since the rye dominates in the recipe, you shouldn’t knead… weiterlesen

Pane Sera

Everyone is familiar with the same old question: What do I do with the sourdough that I always have left over from feeding or baking? Right, well you throw all of it into a recipe, knead a dough and then… weiterlesen

Thin Loaf

I love wheat sourdough breads that are made without additional baker’s yeast. These breads are aromatic and stay fresh for a very, very long time. It tastes even better if you pop a slice in the toaster for breakfast. Spread… weiterlesen

Apple Wholegrain Bread

A simple wholemeal bread should taste healthy and hearty, but it can sometimes be a long and hard way to get there! Most of the time I succeed in recipes right away, but this time the whole grain really drove… weiterlesen


To reestablish a little order in my flour cupboard, I’ve thrown the remains of different types of flour into one recipe! A poolish made from durum wheat and wheat flour type 700 is used for aroma. To further support the… weiterlesen


Mohnzelten (poppy seeds tents) are a sweet specialty from the Waldviertel, where poppy seeds are quite abundant. They are made from a potato dough that is rolled thin, filled with a poppy seed filling and then baked on both sides. weiterlesen

Spent Grain Bread Twists

Baking different types of bread from spent grains has long been on my baking list, but what are spent grains? In food production, spent grains are the residual malt from beer production. Production of spent grains: In malt houses, barley… weiterlesen


When it was first created in 1984, the Kornspitz conquered bread baskets and breakfast tables. A crunchy roll, not too big, but outstanding in its freshness and taste – that would be number ONE on the wish list for many… weiterlesen